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Freedom Programme

What is Breaking Free Online!

Breaking Free Online is a unique treatment and recovery programme on the internet that you can get free at Project Colt.

If you are struggling with alchol or drugs, use it now to break your dependence and start your journey to recovery. Or if you have already stopped drinking or using drugs, let it strengthen your recovery and help you stay safe.

The programme is confidential, easy to follow and contains many powerful techniques that have been proven to work.

You can use it any time of the day or night, anywhere with an internet connection - from right here at Project Colt to where you live or someone else's home.

How can Breaking Free Online help you!

First, Breaking Free Online will help you make sense of the reasons for your use of drink or drugs.

For instance, you may be getting into risky situations, or having a lot of troubling thoughts. Perhaps you are feeling very emotional at times, or you cannot cope with your cravings and urges.

You may be struggling with boredom and emptiness, Believing you will never be able to feel good without alchol or drugs. Or maybe your life is in a rut because the idea of changing it seems hopeless.

Breaking Free Online will give you the practical skills and motivation you need to resolve these difficulties in a truly lasting way.

It will let you choose which issues you want to tackle, in what order and at what place. But it will guide you every step of the way so you can keep moving forward by taking positive action.

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