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Day Treatment Rehabilitation Programme
Students change at their own rate. We cannot determine when or how that will happen but what we can do is give support and education about their habit, affects of their behaviour on their bodies and especially on the thinking processes. It is only by determined and sustained effort that a person can make permanent changes. We give the tools and the environment to change, they have to do the rest. Our 12 week Day Treatment Rehabilitation Programme is the core of the programme.

Why they need our service

130,000 people in population in Calderdale with an estimated 33,540 Hazardous drinkers and Dependent Drinkers 6,760 (in Yorkshire / Humber) with a user base in Calderdale of approx 5,720 people. Figures taken from ANARP study. A huge problem for our community. People with addictions are prone to lapse and relapse, every effort has to be made to engage them even after they have had a relapse.
Plan and expected results

The programme will engage up to 12 adults with addiction problems in a range of activities in therapeutic groups. These groups are run by qualified counsellors and mentors and individual needs are assessed and monitored throughout. Improved quality of life, abstinence, education, long term health, reduced alcohol intake, lower risk of suicide, emotional development, more choices, skills.