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Our Training

Project Colt’s charitable aims are to assist men and women with addiction problems to recover and live happy and profitable lives. Addictions include alcohol, drugs, gambling, or co-dependency.

We assist the recovery process through by providing the tools needed to progress on to leading a healthy, independent industrious lifestyle.

Colt Enterprise Calderdale is our Social Enterprise which provides training and work placements for those with complex problems who need additional help back into mainstream society.

10 comments from early 2012 participants:

1. “The groups are a safe and challenging environment”
2. “Its fun!”
3. “My understanding was stretched in group-work”
4. “I felt accepted and learned to deal with my problems and accept situations I couldn't change”.
5. “The main challenge was being who I am not who I pretend to be”.
6. “I am more confident helping others because I ‘ve been there myself”.
7. “It helped me change my world view and my negative way of thinking”
8. “Project Colt gave structure to my day/s”
9. “Project Colt helped give me back my humour and I gained confidence”.
10. “Without Project Colt I would have been dead”.

In Recovery with Project Colt

“I was feeling lonely, isolated, bored and restless and had no self esteem or self respect and was angry with everybody and everything.

I am not lonely anymore as my relationships with people and family have improved. I am not restless and I sleep all night now and eat well. My self respect has come back and I don’t feel angry like I used to. I know I am me and it was the
drugs I was using that was causing me to be like I was.

I have a sense of pride in what I am achieving and there is hope and a light at the end of the tunnel which are feelings I have not had for a long time”.

Our Courses Include:



Self Esteem

Job Club

Freedom Programme